Individualized prediction of glioblastoma survival

Title: An independently validated nomogram for individualized estimation of survival among patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma: NRG oncology/RTOG 0525 and 0825
Authors: Haley Gittleman[1], Daniel Lim[1], Michael W Kattan[2], Arnab Chakravarti[3], Mark R Gilbert[4], Andrew B Lassman[5], Simon S Lo[1], Mitchell Machtay[1], Andrew E Sloan[1], Erik P Sulman[6], Devin Tian[1], Michael A Vogelbaum[2], Tony J C Wang[5], Marta Penas-Prado[6], Emad Youssef[7], Deborah T Blumenthal[8], Peixin Zhang[9], Minesh P Mehta[10], Jill S Barnholtz-Sloan[1]
1. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
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Published by Oxford Journals in Neuro-Oncology: Full text    PDF